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Magazine editor job description


magazine editor job description

- either staff or freelance - to successfully complete each issue. Interpersonal skills, iT skills, creativity, confidence Organisational skills Determination and resilience Next: search internships and graduate jobs. They also prepare a proper layout of the content of the article. On smaller magazines, which have smaller staffs, the executive or chief editor may perform a variety of editorial tasks, such as writing, editing, and copyediting, besides supervising the staff and keeping the magazine on schedule. Video of the Day. Some have a master's degree. At large organizations, other high-level editors might include an executive editor, managing editor, associate editors or assistant editors, all of whom report to the chief editor and help execute the daily tasks of publishing a magazine. On the low end, editors earned a 25th percentile salary of 40,480, meaning 75 percent earned more than this amount. Designations like executive editor and editor in chief, however, are usually administrative positions and job descriptions of such editors might be different. At some larger national publications, the editors influence might extend into television production or appearances that support the magazines brand or even products that bear the magazines logo. Meeting deadlines and collaborating with staff teams and freelancers who produce magazine content requires focus, attention to detail and excellent managerial skills. Any specialized knowledge can be useful in getting a start with a magazine in a specific field.

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With the rise of online publications, however, there are growing opportunities on the Internet. A good magazine editor should have the ability to magazine editor job description delegate jobs to individuals on the staff in order to produce their magazine on time and on budget. In most cases training for magazine editors is informal and occurs on the job. Education and Training: College, salary: Median43,620 per year, employment Outlook: Good, definition and Nature of the Work.
  • In a comparatively small structured magazine firm, the editor in chief undertakes all the editorial chores. For instance, an engineer may become an editor for a professional engineering magazine. The work of these editors do not change much with their title, they still select and edit articles or stories at individual levels.
  • What are the pros and cons of a magazine editing career? Get real job descriptions, career prospects and salary info to see if becoming a magazine editor is right for you. Pros and Cons of Becoming a Magazine Editor.
  • Covering events on location also gives magazine editors the chance to meet contacts and other representatives in the industry that they're covering. They may include paid vacations, medical coverage, and various retirement plans.

magazine editor job description

Magazine Editor Job Description

The name 'editor' suggests a person who edits, and it is his/her duty to present the news in a more apt format. Magazine editors in these settings are charged with communicating magazine editor job description to a niche market or audience, such as school alumni or wine connoisseurs. There are different kinds of editors on a magazine, and their specific duties vary. Managing articles from freelancers and in house writers. The role is not available to entry-level candidates, so previous experience and training is usually essential. Trade and Industry Publications, besides traditional publishing, other industries produce regular print publications including magazines, and employ editors to carry out the planning and production of each issue.

Becoming a Magazine Editor

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  1. Having a master's degree is always preferred in this market. A thorough command of the English language is key for a magazine editor, as editors proof- and copyread stories by the entire magazine staff.
  2. Magazine Editor Job Description Other variants of this position include assistant editors, associate editors, and senior editors. The work of these editors do not change much with their title, they still select and edit articles or stories at individual levels. A magazine editor does more than correct the spelling and grammar in articles, acting as an integral part of the editorial department even before a story is assigned. Magazine editors have different titles and responsibilities, depending on how large a staff a magazine has and how the editorial. The magazine features editor is in charge of the main in-depth articles and reports that get published in print magazines and online publications.
  3. Trade publications (those that work on highly-specialised subject matters) hire features editors as well. The job of a magazine features editor goes beyond merely editing. Depending on the type of magazine that you are working for, travel may be part of your job description. A fashion magazine editor, for example, could be sent to cover fashion shows in New York and Paris all in the same week. An editor for a car magazine may have to attend auto shows and demonstrations.
  4. On most magazines the chief editor also expresses the magazine's point of view through editorials, which are short essays on subjects of current reader interest. Managing and executive editors earned much more. To find out how to get into a career in editorial via a school leaver route, visit the media section of targetcareers, our website aimed at school leavers. Others become magazine editors after working in the field in which the magazine specializes.
  5. Using contacts within the industry can be a good way to find out about opportunities. There will always be stiff competition for jobs on popular and national magazines. The editor must ensure that the piece of writing be informative and entertaining at the same time. Typical employers, qualifications and training, key skills, typical responsibilities of the job include: selecting articles for issues and planning publication contents generating ideas for articles and features organising meetings with writers and designers to discuss and plan the features section.


Magazine editor job description - Magazine Editor Job

Magazine editors have to be the dore wellington ks multi-taskers, good managers, and good coordinators, in addition to the requisites required for this job. Evolving Roles, writing for "Womens Wear Daily media reporter John Koblin describes the new role of the modern editor as moving beyond the mere planning and execution of print issues. Education wise, an editor is required to have a degree either in English or Journalism. Environment and Compensation, magazine editors must be able to operate well under pressure.